Tottenham ‘dropped’ the win, what did Mourinho say?

Coach Jose Mourinho was very disappointed when Tottenham often had problems finding the second goal and finishing the match.

Tottenham ‘dropped’ the win, what did Mourinho say?

Mourinho proved powerless outside the pitch

According to the original schedule, Tottenham will meet Aston Villa this week in the 18th round of the Premier League. However, because the home team of Villa Park is heavily influenced by Covid-19, the Organizer has decided to postpone this match. Instead, they arranged for Spurs to compensate for round 16 with Fulham when the encounter between the two teams was also postponed at the end of December.

In the match this morning, Tottenham had an early goal. The one who signed his name on the scoresheet was Harry Kane after the assist of Sergio Reguilon. However, once again teacher and coach Jose Mourinho could not finish the match when there was a leading goal. In the 74th minute, Ivan Cavaleiro scored a 1-1 equalizer, bringing a valuable point for Fulham.

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Speaking at the post-match press conference, coach Mourinho could not hide his disappointment. The Portuguese strategist has complained about the problems Tottenham are facing.

“One more time, we conceded again. This is something we can completely avoid. I have to admit that in the second half, Fulham played better. They tried so hard after losing in the first half. Hugo Lloris really couldn’t stop the situation, but the bottom line was that we couldn’t finish the game.

We have many opportunities to do that. This has happened many times, especially away from home. We were the leading team, but then lost our momentum and eventually lost points. Sometimes, this is the result of personal mistakes. I can only say that.

Fulham is smart enough to understand how they are playing in this match. After the defeat, they changed, defended more firmly and achieved results. I think they have a bit of luck but overall played well. The results are disappointing and we know we could have done better than that, ”said Mou.

Having only won 1 point against Fulham, Tottenham not only missed the opportunity to enter the top 4 but was also pushed down to 6th place on the Premier League chart. After 17 matches played, coach Mourinho and his teachers have 30 points, 2 points lower than Leicester’s fourth position.