Luis Enrique: “I will cheer for Italy in the final”

As promised before the match, coach Luis Enrique confirmed that he would cheer for Italy in the final after losing to this opponent in the semi-finals of EURO 2020.

Luis Enrique: “I will cheer for Italy in the final”

Coach Enrique comforts his students after the defeat in the brainstorming series

The semi-final match of EURO 2020 between Italy and Spain was very dramatic and it took a brainstorming series to determine the ticket to the final. Spain made the better of the game most of the time, but Italy proved to be effective. Most importantly, the Azzurri won the penalty shootout to put their name in the final.

Coach Luis Enrique could not hide his sadness and regret over the defeat at Wembley this morning. However, as promised before the match, he confirmed that he would cheer for Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

“I’m pleased with what I saw because it was a top-flight match between two top-class teams. I congratulate Italy and hope they will have another good performance in the final to win the title. champion.

I have nothing to regret. All of them tried their best. Italy started the game with a very strong fighting spirit and so did we. It’s like a race of two supercars and it’s the best football we’ve seen at the Euros,” coach Luis Enrique said after the defeat to Italy.

In the semi-finals this morning, coach Enrique removed Alvaro Morata from the starting lineup for tactical reasons. But then, he had to throw Morata on the field to equalize in the official 90 minutes.

“I saw Chiellini and Bonucci neutralize Lukaku in the quarter-finals and thought we needed a different solution. I added someone in midfield. This was a good solution because of the fact that we went beyond pressing “Italy. Spain added.

With the victory at Wembley this morning, Italy has won tickets to the Euro final for the fourth time. The Azzurri are very hopeful to reach the top of Europe for the second time. They will meet England or Denmark in the championship match on July 11th.