Juventus 4-1 Udinese: Cris Ronaldo’s New Year

In the opening match of the new year 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo exploded with a double goal and 1 assists. That was enough for Juventus to easily create the rain of goals in the Udinese reception.

Leaving behind the disappointment of losing Fiorentina, Juventus had a very successful 2021 New Year start when they crushed Udinese with the score 4-1. In which, Cristiano Ronaldo is the main character with 2 goals and 1 assists.

Juventus 4-1 Udinese: Cris Ronaldo’s New Year

Juventus easily defeated Udinese 4-1 in the opening match of the new year

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In this match, Juventus suffered a great loss of strength when losing Cuadrado (suspended), Rabiot and Morata (injury). Therefore, coach Pirlo was forced to use Dybala to pair with Cristiano Ronaldo on the attack line. Behind the scenes are the Chiesa, Ramsey, McKennie and Bentancur quartets.

Juventus joined in very excitedly, but Udinese showed the advantage of the counterattack. Right in the 10th minute, after a combination of attacking on the border, Rodrigo De Paul shot Szczesny’s net. But luck was on Lao Ba’s side because after consulting the VAR, the referee denied the goal because Udinese’s player had let the ball touch his hand in the previous situation.

After an escape situation, Juventus regained its stance. As a result, in the 31st minute, taking advantage of the mistake of the Udinese defense, Lao she scored the opening goal. The winner is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo with extremely dangerous dribbling and finishing that does not give goalkeeper Musso the chance to block.

In the remainder of the first half, Juventus also created a number of other dangerous situations in the counterattack, but no second goal was scored before the break. However, after Ronaldo’s opener, the champions have had a marked improvement in their gameplay.

Entering the second half, the match took place with a fairly open posture when Juventus decided to speed up to search for a second goal. Right in the 49th minute, Lao she got what she needed with a speed and fine finish. of Federico Chiesa. Before that, there must be Ronaldo’s effort to pass the ball in a quick counterattack.

In the exciting game, Juventus continued to tear Udinese for the third time in the 52nd minute. Aaron Ramsey was the one who put the ball into the visitors’ net after a fierce dispute with the defender and goalkeeper Udinese. However, after consulting the VAR, the referee rejected the goal because of the determination of a handball error.

Juventus 4-1 Udinese: Cris Ronaldo's New Year - 2

Ronaldo exploded with 2 goals and 1 assists on his opening day in 2021

But then Juventus did not wait too long to celebrate the third goal. In the 70th minute, Bentancur’s pass from the counterattack, Cristiano Ronaldo had a face against Musso. With a dangerous shot into the far corner, CR7 easily completed the double, and raised the score to 3-0 for Juventus.

After the third goal, Juventus decided to change the attack with two new factors, Kulusevski and Bernardeschi. In injury time, the match was exciting with 2 goals. Marvin Zeegelaar equalized 1 goal for Udinese, but soon after, Paulo Dybala secured a 4-1 victory for Juventus.

With this victory, Juventus had 27 points, currently ranked 5th on BXh. This can be seen as a very positive preparation of teachers and students Andrea Pirlo for the match against AC Milan in the middle of this week. Currently, Milan are leading the championship race with 37 points.


JUVENTUS: Szczesny; Danilo, Bonucci (Chiellini 83 ‘), De Ligt, Alex Sandro (Frabotta 83’); Chiesa (Bernardeschi 74 ‘), Bentancur, Ramsey (Kulusevski 74’), McKennie (Arthur 65 ‘); Dybala, Ronaldo.

UDINESE: Musso; Bonifazi, De Maio (Molina 65 ‘), Samir; Stryger-Larsen, De Paul, Walace (Makengo 81 ‘), Pereyra (Mandragora 74’), Zeegelaar; Lasagna (Nestorovski 74 ‘), Pussetto (Forestieri 46’).