Fans pay tribute to Pelé, ‘The king’|Brazil

By CGTN Sports Scene

Reactions poured in from around the world to the death of Brazilian soccer legend Pele. He died of cancer in Brazil at age 82.

His grace, athleticism and mesmerizing moves transfixed players and fans. He orchestrated a fast, fluid style that revolutionized the sport — a samba-like flair that personified his country’s elegance on the field.

At the Pelé Soccer Store in Anaheim, California, a steady stream of fans came to take photos of a small photo tribute to him and buy replica jerseys and shirts in his memory.

“For me, I will always carry Pelé in my heart, for how he inspired generations,” said fan Rick San-Martin, fighting back tears.

San-Martin grew up in Chile watching Pelé on TV. “When you played on the street, you were always Pelé,” he said. “Long live the king.”

Pelé carried Brazil to soccer’s heights and became a global ambassador for his sport.

Pelé was remembered for a life beyond the field, for transcending the sport of soccer and becoming perhaps the most well-known person on Earth.

Pelé scored 12 goals in 14 World Cup matches and is the only three-time world champion. He won titles in 1958, 1962 and 1970.

His death was especially impactful for generations of Brazilian players who idolized him. Ronaldo led Brazil to a fifth title in 2002. He described Pelé as “Unique. Genius. Skilled. Creative. Perfect. Unmatched.”