“Edinson Cavani is not racist”

The British Football Federation recently released a statement confirming Edinson Cavani is not racist after a controversial Instagram post.

“Cavani is not racist”

Cavani’s controversial post on Instagram

On November 29, after making a great contribution to helping Man Utd have a spectacular comeback against Southampton, Edinson Cavani was caught up in a mess due to a post on social media. Specifically, the Uruguayan striker responded to his congratulation from an Instagram account with the sentence “Gracias negrito”. This is a very sensitive word related to racism.

Cavani immediately deleted the post and apologized, at the same time saying that he did not understand the culture of England, so he took such action. However, the English Football Federation (FA) did not ignore this incident. A few days ago, the FA officially announced that the MU striker was banned from playing 3 matches and paid a fine of £ 100,000. In addition, he is required to complete a face-to-face educational program due to a violation of FA Rule E3.

Immediately, Cavani received the protection of the Uruguayan Professional Players Association (AFU) as well as his national team mates. A few days ago, this organization drafted an official document sent to the FA to protect former PSG star. Notably, AFU believes that it is the English Football Federation that is acting racist when it does not respect Uruguayan culture.

In that context, the FA had to speak up. In its latest statements, the organization admitted Cavani was not racist. However, the penalty for the Uruguayan striker to play 3 matches was still intact. In addition, the FA also criticized the Man Utd club for not training the players on social networking skills as well as the behavioral culture of England.

In the statement above, “The disciplinary committee may conclude that Edinson Cavani does not intend to racist, offend friends or people who read the content of his post on Instagram. Cavani only responded to messages from one of his Uruguayan friends.

Cavani will be able to participate in the great battle against Liverpool

Cavani will be able to participate in the great battle against Liverpool

After signing with Man United in early October 2020, Cavani had not received training in how to use the proper UK media. This is a way for him to better understand the cultural differences that can raise problems when a foreign player posts information on the social media platform.

Since Cavani is a well-known player who does not speak English and has about 8 million followers on Instagram, the Disciplinary Committee was surprised that the host club did not have such a ‘training course’. for the players ”.

pWith a 3-match suspension, Cavani missed the match MU against Aston Villa in round 17 of the Premier League, met Man City in the Carabao Cup semi-final and the upcoming FA Cup encounter with Watford. The Uruguayan striker will return in the upcoming Premier League first round match with Burnley, followed by the great battle with Liverpool in round 19.