Coach Zidane must be isolated for 10 days

According to Marca, coach Zidane may be quarantined for at least 10 days because of contact with someone infected with Covid-19.

Coach Zidane must be isolated for 10 days

Zidane is in contact with someone infected with Covid-19

Coach Zidane was absent from Real Madrid’s training yesterday. This is a training session Los Blancos prepares for a trip to Osasuna in round 18 of La Liga, which will take place at 03:00 on January 10.

Coach Zidane did not participate in urging his students to practice because he had been in contact with a person infected with Covid-19. On the same day, the French rulers conducted the Covid-19 test.

The test results showed that Coach Zidane was not infected. However, according to the anti-epidemic regulations of the Government of Spain and La Liga, the French strategist will have to isolate at least 10 days.

According to Marca, coach Zidane will likely not be able to direct Real Madrid in the match as a guest of Osasuna and the Bilbao clash on January 14 in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup. However, according to 2 sources AS and ESPN, the French strategist can still return to normal work, depending on the decision of La Liga. Specifically, if the Covid-19 test is again negative, Zidane may be allowed to attend the match on January 10.

In the event that Zidane is unable to direct, the task of urging training and playing in Real Madrid will be assigned to David Bettoni. Mr. David Bettoni has been Zidane’s effective assistant for the past 6 years. The former French midfielder worked as an assistant to Zidane since the 48-year-old captain led Real Madrid Castilla. The two have a very good relationship because they used to stand side by side in Cannes when they were still in the digital shorts industry.