Arsene Wenger: ‘If Arsenal need it, I’ll be back’

Arsene Wenger confirmed that he will be ready to return to lead Arsenal if the team needs it.

Arsene Wenger: ‘If Arsenal need it, I’ll be back’

Wenger spent 22 years at Arsenal

After more than two decades of leading Arsenal, coach Arsene Wenger decided to say goodbye to the club in the summer of 2018. By November 2019, the French strategist was appointed by the World Football Federation (FIFA) as Director. global football development manager. His mission is to develop global football development plans and programs, both for men’s and women’s football.

Despite taking a new position, Wenger said he still misses football and the daily habits of a coach. More than 1 time, the veteran French strategist has admitted that he will not eliminate the possibility of returning to the military career. In that context, Arsenal is mentioned quite a lot.

Before having 2 consecutive victories against Brighton and Chelsea, Arsenal experienced a prolonged crisis. They have a series of 7 unsuccessful matches with 2 draws and 5 defeats in the Premier League, thereby dying 15th place in the standings. Therefore, there are many opinions that the Gunners should fire Mikel Arteta and call Wenger again.

In the latest statements, Wenger himself confirmed that he would be ready to return to lead Arsenal if the team needed him. However, he said he did not expect this to happen, and expressed his trust in Mikel Arteta.

“If Arsenal needed me, I would gladly help them. However, I do not expect this to happen.

Mikel has enough enthusiasm and motivation, concentration and desire to do well in this role. You can also recognize the elements, and he has made an impact on the players.

Mikel is fortunate to be immediately led a large club. This is a position that others must have 10 years of experience to get. However, since he played for Arsenal and is a good player, he was given the chance. I wish him the best.

I left the football team to let the successors do my job better. At the moment, Arsenal have enough financial resources to win the titles, ”Wenger told Talksport.