UEFA closed plans to organize the Euro

Euro 2020, the 60th anniversary tournament is forced to be postponed to 2021 and the European Football Federation (UEFA) is still monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic and has proposed plans for the major tournament of the continent.

UEFA closed plans to organize the Euro

There are four prepared UEFA scenarios:

1. The field where the match is played is allowed to enter the audience with enough capacity of the field.
2. The number of spectators entering the field is 50% of the capacity of the field.
3. Audience volume 20% -30% of the capacity of the field.
4. The matches take place in no spectator condition.

The stadiums designated by UEFA must report to UEFA in the selection of 2-3 options above to be able to actively manage with the specific disease developments. In addition, the organization of live television, how communication works must also report in detail to UEFA.

In the case of complicated epidemics, the stone rinks in no-spectator conditions will severely affect the finances and organizational costs, even no revenue to provide for the operation of the grounds, Stadium organizers must report the situation to UEFA to avoid bad debt occurring.

UEFA also spoke out to the countries related to the domestic championships to actively avoid the Euro, not as recently, because the domestic league to avoid epidemics led to the Champions League being postponed.

Currently, the Euro football fields were originally planned to take place in 12 cities including Glasgow, Dublin, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Munich, Rome, St Petersburg, Bucharest, Budapest, Baku and London. Particularly in London will take place the semi-finals and final at Wembley.

In case there are cities of countries and regions with bad epidemic situation, UEFA has also “dropped” the plan to withdraw the number of host cities .

The worst plan, according to President Ceferin of UEFA, said that in case the epidemic situation is too bad, the Euro finals will be held in a single country that can be safe from the disease.