Solskjaer criticized Liverpool as no longer scary

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thinks that Liverpool’s attack is no longer scary and he will not exchange Rashford, Martial, Greenwood or Cavani for anyone else.

Solskjaer criticized Liverpool as no longer scary

Solskjaer has a Rashford who has scored 14 goals this season. PHOTO: EPA

At 0:00 on January 25, Manchester United will face Liverpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup at Old Trafford. In the first leg of the Premier League last week, the English derby between Liverpool and MU at Anfield had a 0-0 draw.
MU is playing sublimation in the Premier League with a series of 12 unbeaten games, on the contrary, Liverpool has 5 consecutive games without winning and up to 4 consecutive games without scoring. Broadly speaking, Liverpool only scored 2 goals in those five games.

The trio of Salah, Mane and Firmino have dominated every defense in England and Europe to help Liverpool win both the Champions League and the Premier League in recent years. However, in recent times, the performance of all three has declined, leading to the disastrous performance of Liverpool.

Solskjaer criticizes Liverpool as no longer scary - photo 2

The trio Firmino, Mane and Salah have “stunned” many recent matches. PHOTO: GETTY

According to the Daily Star (England), before the rematch between the two teams, coach Solskjaer of MU said that Liverpool no longer had the most feared strikers of English football. Solsa warned that MU was ready to attack with Liverpool. The Norwegian strategist also insisted he would not trade Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Mason Greenwood, Edinson Cavani with anyone else.

Solskjaer continued, “I am very pleased with my strikers. MU has talented players like Marcus, Mason and Anthony along with Edinson’s experience.

It’s great to see them practice every day and go to the field. They complement each other. All have different qualities. This season, Marcus has scored 14 goals, and Anthony, Mason and Edinson have also participated in the scoring situations and goals.

Solskjaer criticizes Liverpool as no longer scary - photo 3

Solsa believes that the Liverpool striker is no longer worrying. PHOTO: NMC POOL

Solskjaer added about MU’s forwards quartet, “Last season Mason, Marcus and Anthony scored. I don’t remember how many goals they scored.

We will have these three players for many, many years to come and Cavani with his experience will help us during his time here. The essence of MU’s gameplay is quick attacks. We have players who are very quick and can hit the ball very quickly.

I think with the 4 strikers that MU has, we have many options to choose who can score for us in any match with any team.

Solskjaer criticizes Liverpool as no longer scary - photo 4

Cavani has just scored a goal for MU against Fulham. PHOTO: DAILY STAR

Manchester United are currently leading the Premier League rankings with a 6-point gap from Liverpool (40 vs. 34). With Liverpool in a defense crisis, Manchester United has the opportunity to eliminate opponents from the FA Cup when playing at Old Trafford’s home ground.