Real Madrid finished choosing a coach to replace Zidane

The leaders of Real Madrid have a plan to replace coach Zidane next season if the team’s performance does not improve.

Real Madrid finished choosing a coach to replace Zidane

Zidane – Image: Twitter

Real Madrid is going through a difficult season with coach Zidane. After returning to lead Los Blancos in March 2019, the French coach helped this team overcome the crisis to win the La Liga championship next season.

However, the difficult financial situation makes Real Madrid unable to spend money on additional forces before this season. Without a rookie while many of the pillars are old and have lost their form, Real Madrid struggles to maintain stability. After 19 rounds in La Liga, they only won 40 points, 7 points behind the top team Atletico Madrid despite having more than 1 match.

In the Champions League, Real Madrid also struggled to overcome the group stage when they only won 3/6 matches. Therefore, the Real Madrid leadership is concerned that they may be bogged down by a crisis at the end of this season, when the schedule becomes heavier. Since then, President Flo Perez and his associates have drawn up a plan to replace coach Zidane, who is said to be not really happy with the current situation at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid finished choosing a coach to replace Zidane - 2

Julian Nagelsmann – Image: Twitter

According to Sport Bild ‘s sources , Real Madrid contacted RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann and considered him the first choice to replace Zidane next season. In 2018, Los Blancos tried to invite the 33-year-old German coach to the Bernabeu but with no success. At the time, Nagelsmann bluntly rejected Flo Perez’s offer because he felt he needed to gain more experience before going to a major club.

Currently, Nagelsmann not only has experience but also has a lot of reputation after helping RB Leipzig reach the semi-finals of the Champions League last season. The German strategist is highly appreciated by experts in terms of tactics as well as the ability to “cook rice, pick fish sauce”. From Hoffenheim to RB Leipzig, Nagelsmann has helped the team achieve higher-than-expected goals and he is ready for a new step in his career.