Uruguay vs Bolivia Full Match

28 Jun 2024

Past Matches

Head to Head

11/2023 Uruguay 3-0 Bolivia
09/2021 Uruguay 4-2 Bolivia
06/2021 Bolivia 0-2 Uruguay

Uruguay: Historic Scores

06/2024 Mexico 0-4 Uruguay
06/2024 Costa Rica 0-0 Uruguay
03/2024 Coote DIvoire 2-1 Uruguay
11/2023 Uruguay 3-0 Bolivia
11/2023 Argentina 0-2 Uruguay
10/2023 Uruguay 2-0 Brazil
10/2023 Colombia 2-2 Uruguay
09/2023 Ecuador 2-1 Uruguay
09/2023 Uruguay 3-1 Chile
06/2023 Uruguay 2-0 Cuba

Bolivia: Historic Scores

06/2024 Colombia 3-0 Bolivia
06/2024 Ecuador 3-1 Bolivia
06/2024 Mexico 1-0 Bolivia
03/2024 Bolivia 1-0 Andorra
03/2024 Algeria 3-2 Bolivia
11/2023 Uruguay 3-0 Bolivia
11/2023 Bolivia 2-0 Peru
10/2023 Paraguay 1-0 Bolivia
10/2023 Bolivia 1-2 Ecuador
09/2023 Bolivia 0-3 Argentina

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Uruguay vs Bolivia - Copa America

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Event details:
Name: Full Match Uruguay vs Bolivia
Competitions: Copa America
Date: 28 Jun 2024
Time: 01:00 UTC

More details:
Uruguay full match, schedule and results
Bolivia full match, schedule and results
Watch Copa America full video highlights.