Bonucci was prevented from returning to the field because he looked like… a fan

Wembley security staff prevented Leonardo Bonucci from returning to the field because he thought the midfielder was an extremist fan.

Bonucci was prevented from returning to the field because he looked like… a fan

Bonucci celebrates with fans after Italy’s victory

This hilarious moment happened in the EURO 2020 semi-final this morning between Italy and Spain. Not that after Italy won on a series of brainstorming shootouts, centre-back Leonardo Bonucci could not control his emotions. He ran to the corner of the stands to celebrate with the Italian fans.

This is very common in football. But something interesting happened later when Bonucci returned to Wembley. Thinking that this was a fanatical fan who wanted to flood the field, a female Wembley security officer held Bonucci and asked the midfielder to return to the stands.

Bonucci was quite confused by the confusion of the female security officer. This hilarious moment was posted on many social networking sites as adding to the aftertaste for the victory of the Italian team.

Bonucci is one of the players who shows the strongest fighting spirit on the Italian side. The Juventus central defender has successfully completed a penalty for Italy.

“This was the most difficult match of my career. I congratulate Spain on what they showed. But once again Italy showed determination, enthusiasm and spirit to overcome difficulties. . Winning in the gunfight is a reward for us,” Bonucci shared after the match.

With the victory at Wembley this morning, Italy won tickets to the Euro final for the 4th time in history. They will meet the winner of the match between England and Denmark on July 11th.